Become a Smoke Diver

Who Should Apply

Anyone that is a member of a recognized fire department and holding a Firefighter I/II certification is eligible to apply for admission to the Indiana Smoke Diver Course.

This course will be demanding, both physically and mentally.

You will be required to complete admission testing before entrance into the Indiana Smoke Diver Course.  You will be expected to arrive in peak physical condition and ready for the intense physical and mental training that will commence. This testing will be managed using a system of points earned through the completion of each task. Successful completion of the entrance exam will provide you with a score and a ranking with other potential candidates. Completion of the exam does not indicate that you will be successful in the Indiana Smoke Diver course. It only indicates that you have met the minimum physical requirements necessary to be eligible for admission to the course. It should also serve as a motivator to continue to self-train for the physically demanding nature of the course.

Becoming a Indiana Smoke Diver is a choice that you must make. It cannot be a choice based on what others may do, but rather a choice that you make to pursue intense physical and mental training that will push you beyond most limitations that YOU have placed on yourself. Taking this course is unlike any course you have ever encountered. It is not meant for those who have not prepared both their mind and their body for the experience that awaits. All instructors of the Indiana Smoke Diver course are Certified Smoke Divers and KNOW what it takes to be successful during the course.  You will need to prepare for long days and short nights that will challenge your body both physically and mentally. This takes preparation and hard work prior to arriving for the course and should not be discounted. As the body begins to weaken our minds begin to lose focus. But a Smoke Diver is able to focus his mind and see through with the task at hand.



Qualification Test

The Indiana Smoke Diver qualification test is used as a screening tool designed to develop a ranking of prospective candidates who desire to be a part of the Indiana Smoke Diver Program.

Testing will consist of a 50 FF I/II multiple choice question written test. Each prospective candidate must score a minimum of 80% on the written test. The physical portion of the testing will consist of the following events: a 1.5 mile run (to be completed in 13 minutes or less), 5 dead hang pull-ups, and a six (6) station obstacle course to be completed in full PPE gear minus the SCBA and face piece. Obstacle course events will include a 100’ hose advancement of 1 3/4" attack line fully charged, three story ascent with a hose pack, equipment hoist comprising a rolled 5” hose line that will pulled over the top of the window sill and returned to the ground in a controlled hand-over-hand method, descent with hose pack to ground floor, five (5) tractor tire flips, vertical chop with a sledge hammer, and a drag of a standard rescue dummy of 50 feet.

Those individuals with the highest combined scores will be accepted to the program and will be sent a full application packet, via email, that must be completed at a set date prior to arrival for the class. Those failing to meet the minimum time requirements or any evolution will be asked to reapply for a future Indiana Smoke Diver Qualification test